Thursday, December 7, 2017

A new timeline

The Plan

as of October:

  • Submit foster care application by the 15th
  • Start home study, get approved by January 15th
  • Start helping other foster families care for their kids
  • Get a foster baby in our home summer 2018

The Reality

as of today:

  • Foster care application is sitting on the kitchen table, where it has been for weeks, 95% complete
  • Home study has not begun
  • Therefore can't help other foster families
  • Baby in our home...?

I accepted a new job last week. It's a job in college orientation - meaning summer 2018 is about the worst time in the world for us to try to start parenthood. I know they say you're never ready, but I can. not. take maternity leave in the summer less than a year into a new job.

So all of our timelines are on hold, for that reason and the incomplete application sitting on our kitchen table.

I am sad. I am sad I have no new answers when people ask me where we're at, sad that parenthood will be delayed, sad there are babies who need homes we won't be able to help, and more. But I'm trying to take this all day by day and mentally and emotionally be where we are, not only be focused on who-knows-when, when we actually have a baby in our home.

So my dog and cats get to keep being the babies, for now. I'm on to a different, unexpected new adventure in my new job. It'll all happen in time. Patience is not one of my strengths, but I'm about to get loads of practice.

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  1. {{HUGS}} I also work in higher ed, so I understand the timing. When I started my job at the institution, I had to take two days off the following week to attend my husband's graduation from grad school. Life happens.

    I hope you will complete the application soon. At least get that off your list. Everything else will fall into place. (And, yes, you're never fully ready for a child. I'm still not....6 years after my first one arrived.) :)