Sunday, January 7, 2018

Home study is underway!

We are actively in the home study phase!

Pat and I mailed in our application a couple weeks before Christmas. The week before Christmas, a social worker called me and we scheduled a meeting for Thursday night. Pat and I each rushed home from work. I beat him home and found that Hagrid had shown his excitement by pooping all over our white carpet.

I cleaned up the mess with about 15 minutes to spare, opened a window, and lit some candles.

Our first home study meeting lasted about an hour. We answered basic questions - where are we from, what do we do, what did we study, where did we go to school, what do our parents do, etc. Our social worker covered the timeline and process and requirements.

Our second home study meeting lasted about two hours. In between the meetings, we filled out surveys describing our childhood, our relationship with each other, our relationship with our families, our relationship to drugs and alcohol, and more. We were separated for individual interviews. Pat's was quick because he doesn't talk much! Mine was a bit longer. These interviews covered the same topics as the survey, more in depth, and she asked about any trauma we've been through.

We'll have one more interview - about marriage and parenting styles - and we have to get our house physically ready. The biggest challenge there is installing a baby gate at the top of our stairs, as the stairs don't end next to a wall and the end of the railing isn't straight across. Pat is going to try to work some magic to get the gate installed.

We have to take an online parenting course and complete CPR/First aid training, and we'll both submit fingerprints to have our criminal records checked, and we have a sheepton of paperwork to do.

Nala, one of our kitties, is also throwing a wrench into the process. We took her to the vet Dec. 29 and she should have gotten a rabies vaccination, but her records show they didn't give it! So we've got to get that straightened out too.

If everything goes smoothly, we'll be certified on Valentine's day. If not, we'll be certified on a Wednesday in between V-day and March 14th!

It's exciting and scary to finally have things happening. It's been in process so long - and on my mind for even longer - so everything feels really, really fast now that it's happening. Will keep this blog updated as there is new news! So thankful for everyone who reads and cares and supports us. We are lucky to have our community cheering for us!

<3 Abbey


  1. I'm excited for you guys!! It's coming together!!

  2. We totally have this same baby gate problem! There's some really smart Mom's out there that can come up with some crazy contraptions to make it all work! I always see all these genius ideas at all of my in home photo sessions!

    So happy things are moving along for you guys! I can't wait to keep reading about your lives!

  3. Have Pat call Dad anout the gate if he has questions! Thought they had it figured out...