Frequently Asked Questions

What are the other routes to adoption?
Some folks adopt internationally or domestically, but through a private adoption. International adoptions tend to go through agencies set up for matching. Private domestic adoptions are typically when an expectant mom (EM) matches with a family through an attorney or an agency and the family adopts her child at or soon after birth.

Why did you choose foster care?
I (Abbey) felt most drawn to foster-to-adopt immediately. My parents were foster parents when I was very young. I believe each type of adoption has the potential for heartbreak for me and Pat; in foster care, we might not get to adopt the children who are put in our care. But, while they are in our care, we will give them a safe and loving home. And, while it's not polite to talk about, private domestic and international adoptions involve thousands of dollars of fees.

Why can't you have your own kids?
A, please see my adoption positive language section. :) B, I don't feel comfortable posting on the internet why we can't have biological kids, but if you feel comfortable asking me privately, I might fill you in.

How old will your children be?
We are hoping to be parents to infants. We are certified for 0-2 years old.

Why do foster kids get taken from their parents?
A whole host of reasons could lead to a child needing foster parents. When we have children placed with us, this will be something we are not allowed to talk about, and even once we've adopted them, we will keep their background quiet. It will be their story to tell if/when they want to.

What can I do to help?
Celebrate with us! Cheer us on! Treat us as you would any expectant parents! It sucks to lose a lot of the ceremony and excitement that comes with a pregnancy - please be excited with me as we advance through this process.

When we have our babies, we will also need all the things other new parents need. We do have a baby registry here, if you'd like to help us out!